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Our Philosophy

Nora’s philosophy is progressive, proactive, and patient-focused. Compelling science has recently been discovered that makes it possible to develop new, rationally designed medical approaches to the frustrating problems of recurrent miscarriage and repeated IVF failure. We have dedicated ourselves to translating the most recent immunological research into medical practice so that couples can benefit from the best that medicine has to offer.

We also strongly believe that it is our duty to educate our patients at every step in the testing and treatment process. There is a great deal of misunderstanding and, in some cases, of misinformation regarding the merits and risks associated with tests and treatments available today. A quick scan of some of the most popular Internet discussion boards regarding miscarriage will quickly reveal that patients are too often left to their own devices and limited understanding when it comes to evaluating the alternatives presented to them. Indeed, many of these patients are left in the awkward and risky position of having to rely on each other for advice because the medical community in some fashion has failed them. We want couples to be able to proceed with confidence and peace of mind, as active participants along with us in their evaluation and treatment. We strongly encourage an active dialog between Nora and the patient’s obstetrician, and we are more than willing to take a proactive role to accomplish this.

Breaking the Status Quo

The most common advice given to couples suffering from recurrent miscarriages or repeated IVF failures of unknown cause is to “keep trying.” It is common as well to prescribe aspirin or heparin, though doctors will frankly tell you that in many cases of undiagnosed miscarriage or implantation failure they do not know why aspirin or heparin might help. Fundamentally, doctors and patients are without many alternatives. Substantial financial resources have been invested in the field of reproductive immunology over the past decade, and groundbreaking results are beginning to come to light. What has become most clear is that despite the skepticism of much of the medical community, the immune system plays a critical role in miscarriage and IVF implantation failure. Coupled with that discovery has been a major advancement in our ability to control the immune system, allowing us to pursue treatment strategies previously unthinkable in the field of reproductive medicine.

Many couples do not have the luxury of a lot of time to continue trying to have children. Financial, professional, emotional, and physical limitations often dictate a small window of opportunity for conceiving and carrying a child to term. Nora has developed a patent-pending treatment method based on the very latest medical studies to help couples suffering from undiagnosed recurrent miscarriage or implantation failure have healthy babies. We have also tailored a battery of tests that specifically identifies immune conditions that are predictive of miscarriage and that identifies women who may benefit from our treatment method. Both our patent-pending treatment and our battery of tests are based on scientific research and on the most important recent advances in immunology from top universities and clinics around the world.

Dr. Darryl Carter

Prior to founding Nora, Dr. Darryl Carter was Attending Physician in Diagnostic Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Carter was also a member of the faculty in Hopkins' graduate program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are routinely ranked as the best in the country.

Prior to joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Carter was a key researcher on an NIH funded research team that made major advances in our understanding of natural killer (NK) cells. Dr. Carter extended his expertise in the biology of NK cells to the area of reproductive immunology, as the NK cell is one of the most important cellular participants in recurrent miscarriage and repeated IVF failure. Dr. Carter was awarded grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and from the National Institutes of Health to conduct his research in basic immunology.

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